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This is a great topic. Right now I use the feeling of a hammer in my right hand hitting the spot on the ball that will send it into my picture. (It seems to work better than visualizing access with the club.)

When I feel like I have access to that spot, I feel like I am good to go….however it seems from this video that it is only good start because it lacks the feeling of the follow on action of throwing/compressing/sending water spray?

I am striking the ball with better direction but only modest increase in distance. It sounds like once you get confidence in your prediction/feeling the brain allows you to let go a bit more giving you more distance. Is this right?

Um, i think Savvy just doesn’t want to admit that pops is a freakin’ GENIUS! The “paintbrush” is such cool way to get that “out there” feeling! Thanks Mr. Clement!

Great video! Incorporating “compression” into the prediction process really caught my attention. I have certain clubs, shots that I have very low or zero confidence that I can pull the shot off with “compression”. I guess that’s a red flag that the shot I see is “not realistic” at that moment? So give it a go or maybe I need some practice or range time?
Also the slo mo part of the video with the comments on the movements really helped me to accept my perpetual motion swing as the real deal rather than thinking that it was defective in some manner and needed correction in the form of control or manipulation. So …swing is great, trust it and have fun playing and hitting the different shots!
Thanks and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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