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Frank Zoff

Hey Shawn, I am struggling with hitting pull shots about 50% of the time. I notice this only happens when I rush or don’t fully complete my backswing to try and get more power in the backswing. I’ve tried to slow down but can’t seem to break this bad habbit and have it still feel powerful and zippy in the backswing. Any advice on how to overcome this?

Kenny Swann

I think this drill, along with the slow-motion drill are really good. I’m still working on my distance to the ball. Now let me ask this, how does this go with the grass whip drills? I assume I could this and use the grass whip to chop the dandelion stem as well.

Shawn Clement

Hey Kenny! Just got back from Alabama and wanted to make sure I did not miss this; you saw the goldie locks series right? Also, we did a couple videos with Jamie Lett while down at his club at Cider Ridge in Oxford Alabama who is an absolute wizard with consistency and you will see the video Saturday on Youtube; there is a place in the video where you see his version of goldie locks with my prompts. And yes, the grass whip drills big time! They are a staple to Jamie’s teachings with so many players!

Lyle Goodman

Great drill, gives me a much better turn and levitation at the top. I’m combining it with your new favorite drill. After confirming the task at the top I drop the club down as in the favorite drill then back up and through to the target. My shots are more solid with much better compression. What is the best approach to ingrain the new feel. 2 or 3 reps of the drill and then a normal shot and just keep repeating?

Shawn Clement

Very good Lyle! Yes! That would be perfect! The key is to feel the differences as you perform the drills from the full swings and just notice them. The brain will do the rest! 😀👍👌

Steven Kapchinsky

Like this drill as well as the slam the garage door drill noted in comments also liked the note that Sav was coming out of posture. About a month in as a member hit a pure bliss 5I and 8I on the course. That feeling is addictive hope to feel it more often. I was trying to guide some shots and hold on to the release. Do I just need to focus more on the task?

Shawn Clement

You are going to live all the “pre-motor cortex series” videos; HUGE!! Combine with “target confirmation series” which is also huge.

Andy Bryan

An oldie but a goodie, first introduced as a Jim Flick drill in the Arms In Front Of Body Shawn Clement video.

BTW, Sav did several PERFECT topped shots.

Question. When you are stationary at the top, you need to create some momentum that allows the ACU to elevate so that you can engage the kinetic chain and allow the planting/squatting action to start the downswing, right?

Kind of like a modified forward press from the top?

Last edited 2 years ago by Andy Bryan
Andy Bryan

For anyone that had the same question I did, see the Kinetic Chain Engagement video.

Also, it seems like this drill could easily be combined with the Step Drill from the Kinetic Chain Engagement video.

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