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Loving this thought of a short quick shortstop throw for my wedges. It makes it so easy to deliver the club through the ball to the target. Thanks Shawn

New to thinking ball is not target
My issue is I have a long fluid practice swing
But actual swing is short
Brain wants to get back quickly to hit ball
Any thoughts
David Wiesen

Neal Ward

Hi Shawn, I wonder if you could make a video that talks more about the golf squat. Seems I see people talking about it trying to perform the squat on your forum and I think there is some confusion. Isn’t the squat just more of an illusion? I mean when I look in the mirror and see myself shifing weight and turning in the dowswing it does look like a squat but that is just because of what your legs are doing. You don’t acually squat then turn do you? Seems so out of sync when you do that.

Hey Shawn, Gary Hackney here. I get the feeling of being under and through to the picture and when I am having a good day the accuracy and distance with short clubs is amazing (140 yrds P wedge). But I have developed a terrible shank that just seems to show up out of no where with the short irons, especially my 54 and my 60. This seems to happen late in the round when I am tired. The more I try to stay under and through the worse the shank gets. Any thoughts on why this is happening. I am right handed and play steel shaft fitted irons.

Hey Shawn, I do see the blur of the club on practice swings. As I have thought more about this though I get a sense of wanting to “hold on” as it were, trying to get the start line over the intermediate target. I know that is pushing my focus to the ball rather than the task. When I am good with my short irons, I am really good but this shank thing is really taking a toll on my overall game in terms of concentrating on the picture and task rather than the ball? (Fear is an ugly thing)

Okay, great will do that as soon as I can. Thanks so much Shawn. I will let you know how it goes.

cant wait for the next one! i have that exact problem with 6 and up irons!

i tend to pull short irons(50degree to 58) to the left big time… any thoughts???

Were you able to review the e-mail attachment showing my swing? I trust my e-mail to you was received. If not let me know.

e-mail will have my middle name “Leroy” . Member name is Hugh Thompson.

So I’ve played shortstop and skipped many a stone in my younger days. When I try to replicate that feeling with the golf club it feels flippy in the hands and I’m missing that under/through feeling. I’ve done the club throw but it is always separated quite it bit in time from hitting balls. I’ve not found a place where I could do both in close proximity of time. Any idea what I can do to remedy this?

Jeremy Moody

Agree Mick10.
Mentally I like the left handed ( i’m a righty) frisbee throw. Left foot grounded with the weight of the Frisbee/arm unit waiting for permission to sling when i’m out of the way. Super lag, nice kinetic chain and my brain is learning (for the most part) to think “I’m going out there”, NOT down to the ground. Love throwing clubs but range staff think i’m nuts. J.

Great insight Shawn. That “skipping the stone” motion really clicked for me. I practice that feel every day I hit balls. I believe this is the reason I am hitting the ball so far especially with my irons.

Doug Wetzel

Does your swing to the ball feel exactly like your throw?

Some days I am spot on accurate with my short irons and other days I’m hitting them all over the place and the swings feel the same. That is the most frustrating part of my game right now.

I will review them. Bolted and Centered is probably the problem.

Jaimie, of course Shawn is the expert but please allow me to give an amateur’s view. When I started using Shawn’s method I had flashes of brilliance followed by intervals of frustrating ball striking. Perhaps it takes some of us a little longer to ingrain the natural throwing move into a golf swing. Stick with it and eventually your consistency should improve. I would also suggest videoing your swing from several angles so you can see if your feel is real.

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