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Flip Gentry

Shawn ,
This question was answered in the “confirmation focus series part 2”. The snap of the release appears to happen as a result of the lead leg applying force to the ground thereby stopping the body momentarily and sending the “water out of the towel”. If
I have this wrong, please let me know.
Great video and very well explained.

Flip Gentry

In order for the release to occur, doesn’t there have to be a brake ( like a stop) in the motion of the upper body, thereby allowing the arm club unit to accelerate. If so, is it the lead leg applying force to the ground that causes this brake? As if the lead leg is pushing away from the target.

Hi, is our target “cut the grass, tee, dandelion” or the target is where we want the ball to go to. For example, the 150 yard marker in the fairway? I see in multiple of your videos mentioned just focus on one thing. Now if I have to think about cut grass, and set the ball out to field, isn’t going to confuse the brain? Thanks

Shawn Clement

Great question, and you will see we answer this in a few videos too; you start with an END TARGET and then you choose a FLIGHT PLAN to get to that target. Then you choose an INTERMEDIATE POINT to help you line up AND DELIVER your task in the direction you want to start the ball. Once you have made your PREDICTION that the ball position, the distance to ball, the clubface angle and the posture levels are matching the shot, then you only have one thing left to do: LET MOMENTUM SWING THROUGH IN THE DIRECTION OF THE INTERMEDIATE POINT AND OUT WHERE YOU WANT TO START THE BALL. Your set up already matched the end target and your prediction already took care of ball contact and how it was to fly in the air.
See: “throw the club” and “predict contact” and the “goldie locks series”

Shawn, I have that release down pat … almost. At home in the calm of the backyard, I release just fine into the net. However, on the course after 4 or 5 holes I start casting instead of releasing and end up hitting all the irons fat. (Except the driver and the wedges, which continue to release just fine.) Even tho I know exactly what I’m doing wrong, I can’t seem to stop it on the course. Should I stop playing for a while and just drill at home? Are there some magic words to use to get my swing back? Maybe I could sacrifice a chicken on the course. Very disheartening.

Hmmm, good question… I believe my focus becomes “Hit the Ball … hard.” (a bad thought!) I went back to your beginning videos and discovered I was loosening my grip to extend the backswing. I even wore a glove hole over the hand pad below the pinky finger. As you point out, when the grip re-tightens, of necessity, you get the equivalent of casting. Anyway I fixed it – most of the time. (Unfortunately, I have to concentrate on the hands for a while to make a permanent change.)


I am left handed. I feel like my left hand releases thru the swing and my right hand is along for the ride. Looking at the sword drill, it looks like my right hand should be more active.
I play right handed.

Shawn – C. Riddoch, Professor of Sports Science, wrote a book called “The Golf Swing”. Good book. Supports your teachings in many ways. An important issue addressed is the ‘passive wrist release’ (pwr) and dual pendulum which you believe in as well. Where you seem to differ is that he suggests that from the top of the back-swing to hip level work is done by the body/arms and that from that point on one must relax (arms slow down nearly to a stop) to enable the dual pendulum and pwr to happen at peak speed. Then the momentum carries the rest of the swing to the finish. In your videos you promote more relaxing at the top (let it fall) and then pick up the work (push on the swing) when the hands reach about hip level or a bit sooner. My question is do you also relax just before contacting the ball to enable the dual pendulum and pwr?

Mark Cohn

Does it matter much if one slashes through the ball (aka bamboo shoot) with the side of the hands (karate chop like), or with the back and palm of one’s hands (Hogan and Nicklaus like)?

Hi Shawn….I have a strong grip but at the top I have a tendency to get the club pointed at the ground (open).
I’m fighting to keep from pushing shots or fading when I’m setting up for a draw.
Today I worked to keep the club square or closed at the top with way better results. I remember watching a video over the summer where you discussed the club being open at the top even with a strong grip. I wanted to watch and it and hear your explanation of that. Or if this makes sense maybe you could explain it.
Am I on the right track or off the rails?

Thanks Shawn…..comments really helped me to sort it out. Shot 74 today..missed my age by one! The poor grip over the last few weeks had me working so hard to keep the ball off the right side of the course.
By the back nine today, as confidence returned, I was able to work the ball in both directions!
ps: extra benefit was that it freed up my putting.

Shawn, your videos just released are superb, many thanks. One thing pertaining to “release and snap”. How do you accomplish this, without the dreaded “hit impulse”, that destroys an effortless swing. My best results come when I swing slow and smooth. (out of the way, out of the way) Maybe I am too old , 75, for the snap. By the way I am playing great this winter. Thanks again Ron

Shawn, I viewed all three “release videos” you recommended. The results were unbelievable. The feeling I have is rolling the forearms over through impact. Do you agree with that feel? My question is do you release the same for all clubs, wedge through driver equally, or is the release more aggressive for driver than wedge? Your videos are excellent. Many thanks again. Made three birdies yesterday and should da, would da, could da made four more but the greens are over seeded down here in Georgia and tough to putt.

Shawn, I don’t want to be a pest, but would you please respond to my last reply. I know you must be very busy your insight would be much appreciated. Thank you . Ron

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