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Casey Dyson

Hi Shawn,

Just a quick comment/question. Was at work on the night shift last week and was watching some youtube videos. I came across one from Michael Breed. He mentioned something in a way that I believe is the same as you teach and do in your swing…and we should do in our swing. In the takeaway, he mentioned to have the feeling (for a right hand golfer) that your right forearm stays above your left forearm until the momentum carries the club up with the wrist hinge…I thought about this…got a club out when I got home and did some swings in the living room. I noticed this thought, combined with your fundamentals of taking the ACU back with the rotation of hips and body, helped me greatly keep the club in front of my body and not get too far inside (which has always been a problem of mine). I went back and looked at several of your videos and noticed you do this ( probably without thinking about it) on your backswing. For me, it produced the feeling of my right elbow in the downswing really being tucked but not behind me…have not had a chance to hit balls yet but this may be the key for me in my takeway. I keep all the takeaway concepts you teach the same but incorporate that right forearm being a little higher than my left in first part of the takeaway, and I love the way it feels…true test will be when I get to the range….thoughts about this? Thanks…Casey

Shawn Clement

Hi Casey! If you cut grass in both directions, like in our “perpetual morion drill series” and “walking drill” video, and do it well from follow through in the backswing, you will pass through this very position that you are talking about. After doing it a few times, do the backswing portion of it in slow motion…tada! 😀👍. This is why my swing never looks off plane when doing this action!

Casey Dyson

Thanks Shawn….makes sense…this might be a huge key for my swing…unfortunately working every day right now but chompin at the bit to hit some balls!!! Take care my friend!!!



Ive suddenly developed a problem with my pitch shots where i’m hitting everything off the toe and shanking my pitch shots. If I full swing or chip with my wedge I’m fine but pitch shots are shanks. Any ideas?


Shawn Clement

See “football throw series” 👍👍



When performing pitch shots you mention cutting through the stem, is hammering through a door frame an appropriate task for pitch shots? Carpentry tasks seem to work better for my brain.


Shawn Clement

There you go! As long as you are able, like Mu now, to connect your task to the direction you want to send the ball into and allow for momentum to deliver it that way, you are GOLDEN!!

Eckhart Diestel

Hi Sean,
what is the intensity feel of the pitch and how does the intensity feel difffer from a 170 yrds shot ? Would you say they feel the same ? (intensity, speed, impact levels)
I assume that many of us swing with ease, but swing with a strained feel the longer the iron gets.

I watched your videos that teaches the differences – now my question is about the similarity: how similar should the feel be ?
Thank you


Great video. Would you say the flop shot and short high bunker shot is done the same?

Shawn Clement

Exactly! Flop shots and bunker shots are exactly the same technically and in the set up; the purpose and task are different; one is cutting a stem of dandelion with the leading edge of the sole of club and the other is spraying sand with the sole of club.

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