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What is Wisdom in Golf

Shawn Clement, one of the top 20 youtube teachers and the only one recognized for teaching without body part or positions, drives the ball over 300 yards both right-handed and left-handed and breaks par from either side, and is also the only one who ever qualified and played world-ranked events with 1/2 left and 1/2 right-handed clubs in the same bag! He is the ultimate expert on golf instruction!

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Shawn, any chance you can provide an updated video with 3D motion of your swing as well as foot pressure/weight throughout the swing? I’m really trying to better understand the transition and starting the downswing properly while also shifting weight properly so I’m not early extending and on my toes at impact.



My drives and fairway woods are low and fading to the right. I’d prefer high with a draw. Any suggestions?

Shawn – the avatar shows your head is really steady (no swaying) during the swing. How do you do that? I frequently come out if my shot to see my target, or where the ball is going. This fault is manifested with ballflight way right (or left) with my driver. Thanks.

Oh so that is how you keep the water from spilling out of your ear!! Finally I got my answer. thx

Good Morning Mr. Clement:
I surely enjoy your videos and being a premium member. Question: When viewing the Driver – Draw Video – Your setup includes playing the ball back slightly and a slightly closed face. Additionally, are you setting up your shoulders turned to right as with the iron swing?


I do not have enough width in my swing and have used the sword drill to create width and more upper body turn. I have been trying to rotate my upper body and keeping my hips still. It is extremely difficult to execute and physically hurts. In this video your upper body and hips start together and at some point the shoulders continue while the hips stop creating a differential. Should I attempt to start the takeaway with my shoulders or using the upper and lower body together?

Doug Wetzel

Sorry, MySwing

Doug Wetzel

Is there a “consumer friendly” version of the Swingvision out there? I’ve seen some great teaching sessions with a K-Vest training mode and could see the same for this.

Jukka Kymalainen

This is why like Wisdom in golf. Like this hip turn video, everything makes sense 👍 Normally they talk just “right” positions and forget how human body is build.

great video on hip turn, I notice in practice and on launch monitor that when following your swing fundamentals that my shot quality , distance and power #’s are much greater when my L upper arm is somewhat married to my L upper pectoralis muscle. Given the task I want to perform, is this something you would advocate? Thanks in advance for your reply

Hello Shawn,
Happy New Year and only vibes positive for 2019…
Thank’s for the quality of your teaching.
What is the process if you have to make a chip very small ( 1 meter flyng and two meters rolling in the green with a pitching wedge ?)
How to set the amount of momentum ?
Beause in the video i see that you have a follow through very importante, a follow throug almost completes.
(sorry gyuys for the english but i’m french)

Neal Ward

Shawn I’m not really sure what the purpose of the avatar is. It doesn’t really show anything. Slow motion or frame by frame would be better.

Randy Crowe

About to plug Wisdom In Golf on my Facebook page! Don’t laugh but this year alone I’ve tried Stack n tilt, Rotary Swing, The A swing and Swing machine golf (Big Time Tinkerer)with marginal results. Hooked up with Shawn’s site and “WHOA!!!”…. 62 yrs old and always had decent swing speed( Driver 118mph) but could never find consistency till Now ! I even traded my Titleist AP2 ‘s for PINGS! Best clubs ever! Keep up the great teachings my main man!!!

Randy Crowe

I always focused on the ball. I would glance at the target,get aligned,then go over all these positions I was supposed to be in. Yep, Paralysis by Analysis! Some days were good but most were just frustrating. Now I pick out a target and burn it into my subconcious, heave the club in the backswing, get the ground on the downswing, then throw that sucker at the target! I have always struck the ball on the toe of the club with my irons! Not now baby! FLUSH CITY! I intend to be an EAGLE member until this body gives out! Kudos Brother. My golf buddy just joined Premium too! Its super cold in Indiana right now but I hooked up a skytrak to my heated barn and watch your videos Every Evening so I can be ready for Spring!

Randy Crowe

Also my dang 7 iron just carried 190yds consistently! I BE LIKE A KID IN A CANDY STORE!

Randy Crowe

Dont know how. Lol..Tagged you in a facebook post on my rear view swing

Paul Van Vleet

Shawn, On the high shot, will the shot lose your normal distance?

Are you traveling any more? Louisville, KY?


Shawn, just having a little reflection on why certain draws have a mind of their own, is it normally the result of not having a deep enough feeling in the release because of the lack of recruiting the complete body from the ground up or the feeling of becoming too static (upright) behind the ball??? Tough to put into words I guess.

Absolutely great video. I love the idea of sending the momentum toward your intended line while working the ball left or right with the incorporated idea of the tree line.

The goldilocks approach to the set up has added much desired demensions to my ballstricking.

Thank you good sir😁

Randy Crowe

Hi Shawn! Currently playing mizuno mp25 irons. I think since you are me and my buddies lifetime coach I wanna give Ping irons a try! Single handicap and love players iron look. Which Ping iron is on top of your faves??

Thomas Parisi

Hey Shawn! Great video! Really clarifies the “feel” required for success. One question. One my takeaway, my arm shoulder turn is fine but the hips get lazy and don’t cooperate with the arms and shoulders therefore leaving a shot that is all arms – any practice methods to help the lazy hips on the takeaway?

Thomas Parisi

Hey shawn the link appears to be NG…could you please repost – Thanks!!

Russell Hogue

The backswing link doesn’t work. Is there another link from the premium site?

Jeff Keener

Thanks as always for the great video, although I like your swing much better than the Avatar’s! 🙂

When you are picking targets in the distance to line up on and fade or draw to, what amount of fade or draw, in the videos, are you generally trying for? I find that I tend to end up with a pretty large draw and it doesn’t really seem to start to the right most of the time, regardless of set up. I also find that I can not really get much fade any more without a very weak grip.


Jeff Keener

I feel like I stuggle with “feeling” the release in the direction I intend, especially on the draw…seems like it wants to start on the target line rather than to the right of it, even when I set up as suggested. On fades, I really have to open the clubface up to make that work.
I will say that since I watched this video I did try the interlocking grip again and I agree that the release feels much more unified and strong than it did before. Headed to the course/range now to give it another try.
Thank you for reponding!

Thanks Shawn

Shawn, what is the main difference and train of thought between your stock fade and Trevino’s push fade??

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