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  • Pamela Kauffman

    Thanks for responding. The first time I entered my email and my password it sent me to enter my Visa card #, date and security code. I did, and now it tells me I don’t have access to purchase this item. I am looking for the $9.99 a month with Munashe. not Jean-Maxine Tremblay. Did i just pay twice? How do I get to Munashe fitness? Thanks Pam K.

  • Pamela Kauffman

    Hello, this is Pamela Kauffman. I signed up and payed for the Fitness monthly on March 2, 2022, Order # 4022 with my Visa Card. I can log in with my email and password, but it now on March 3rd, 2022 wants my payment. I am confused, could you please help me with this problem?
    Also I got a – You paid $9.99 USD to Wisdom In Golf Inc. receipt. Transaction ID: 7X490073MU872010L, Merchant Transaction ID: 49A828418V2231335.
    Invoice ID: WC-4022. I can’t get into the fitness program. It keeps prompting me for credit card payment. Thank You.