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Tyler Grender

I maintain my spine angle in my backswing (when I’m not trying to send one), but my shoulders seem very flat. I assume this is due to my left shoulder externally rotating (left elbow point away from my instead of more down). Is this normal, or should I be fixing this?

Thomas Kihr

Dear Shawn!
I‘m practicing your method now since 3 days and i have to say, i never swung the club in that way and i have distances i never thought i could achieve. Great!

Now may question, cause i haven‘t found a place i could put it:

What or which way would you consider to start your swing?
Are there maybe any training plans available, e.g. starting with chipping, then pitching, full swing? How about half swings – in order to get the feeling how the club moves, how i pact feels, etc.

Sorry to bother you with such a question, but it would help me massively to work out a plan and to get a better and more confident player.

Many thanks in advance, i appreciate every single video here on this site!

greetings Thomas

Thomas Kihr


Wow, what a difference did this video make. I am imaging a kid on a swing in my set up, to overcome my “tugging” the club inside on my takeaway. Then I match that to the left or the right side of my intermediate target. But what really, really helped was “goldilocksing” [a new verb!]. I feel that I am reprogramming my brain to a different way of completing the task. Can’t wait for the season to start!

Shawn Clement


Great explanation Shawn, thanks!

Shawn, this is fascinating to me and I look forward to sending you my first video for you to review. In regards to takeaway matching essentially the shot shape you want to hit helps my brain and bodywork in conjunction tremendously. What I am finding though is when I’m looking to hit a draw and I place ball position a little back center I’m still leaving the ball out to the right even with a take away that matches where I want the ball to fly. Any suggestions on really working to get that nice draw shape?

Ok, great! Thanks for the input, I’ll work on this. And for the fade, I’ve noticed your videos on opening the clubface juts a bit more but grip stays the same, and alignment and swing direction are slight left.

I’d love to come up and take a lesson sometime. I live out in San Diego but grew up in Maine so not that far from you in Canada. I’m home often visiting so I could scoot over to your neighborhood sometime :).



Hi Shawn, does my backswing ha e anything to do with my high ball flight? My 5 and 6 irons are flying as high as my wedges. I have the ball a tad behind center for a draw so I don’t know if it’s ball position. Maybe it’s follow through. Any thoughts are appreciated! Love your teaching style.

Will do! Thanks

Ron Iwankovitsch

Shawn, when using the fairway wood, what was the purpose of the intermediate marker behind you? Purpose of intermediate marker in front of you is to give you the direction you want the club to go. Do you have a direction you want your arm club movement to go in the direction of the back swing?

Dudley Monks

hi shawn and salvana I have recently contracted MG which is muscel signals not getting through to contracting muscels but with the way that you give it is great
shots getting closer to target every time now . your style will and is helping me I am 63 still hitting my driver 220 to 240 metters thank you both cheers dudley

Since the clinic on Saturday I am able to somewhat self correct. Yesterday, I hooked several iron shots despite opening the clubface. The last shot, confirmed that the takeaway was too far inside. This morning in my practice, I did the takeaway and let it fall several times until I consistently followed the target line. The root of the problem for me is not turning the shoulders and arms together.


William Crowe

Hey Shawn, Always the tinkerer I bought the Tour Striker Planemate which teaches exit left on the follow through like most professionals! It says chasing the ball down the linear line is against physics! After giving it a couple weeks I think maybe you should teach Everyone! I hit it nicely exiting left but lost most my power!! Once again I apologize for trying something different! WISDOM IN GOLF IS THE BEST METHODOLIGY EVER!!

William Crowe

You and Savy are awesome! Love you guys relationship! Never tire of her yeah response to you! I just went to Goodwill and purchased 5 clubs to throw! Keep up good work man! Why does this 63yr ole man look for something better when I won a long drive in a scramble last fall driving a 343yd par 4? It’s you and Sav till I croak!! Love your passion !!

Mark Cohn

Shawn are you feeling that the club face is falling toward the target line or your hands? In other words is it the first lever or the second Lever that you’re predicting?

Great video! My swing and contact is so good I Don’t need to send you video. This is a great video because One of my brain freezes are not to stay with the target.

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