Kinetic Chain – Part 4

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Is the kinetic chain engagement of the glutes and quads going to be the same between the irons, fairway woods, and driver? I am thinking that the driver might be slightly less, since the ball is on a tee and we are catching the ball as the club is moving up on the arc. Is this correct?

I put my ping 3 wood shaft in my ping g400 driver
43 in instead of 45+
Seems to make more consistent sweet spot contact
Opinion ?

David Theobald

Aha! The ‘glutes and quads’ part at the end with the driver is money in the bank! From another video you always asked if the trail foot should be down or up at impact (down) but i could never figure out how until this video – if you bypass the ‘glutes and quads’ part of the chain and just rotate your hips open from the top – there is no way to keep your trail foot down at impact…. ah!!!

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