Kinetic Chain – Part 2

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Shawn – great video. Wanted to ask if you recommend a long left thumb or short for the top hand. From video it looks like a long thumb but wanted to ask. Does it matter which we use or is one better than the other?

What an amazing video? You explain things to make it alot simpler. That 2 tee drill is a drill you can do at home. Thank you!!

I typically wrap the club around my neck at the top. Never would have thought my grip coming apart was a big part of the problem. I was shocked on the course today when I incorporated Shawn’s advice for keeping the grip together and solid. I had way more compression on the ball. It also appears to improve my balance. I think this point is understated in golf instruction today.

Hi Shawn,
I totally agree to you, especially concerning the Kinetic Chain and to trust the prediction with the right amount of awareness.
As far as I understand, you and your swing integrate a lot of the principles of a parametric swing, don’t you? This is a big factor with which you produce a lot of additional clubhead speed!!
Do you agree?
Would you be so kind to describe your view of point with your words concerning this item?
Could you do a video for this? It is not so much known yet….. but physics do not lie.
Thanks a lot and stay healthy.
By the way: How did you lose so much weight and gained so much muscle power? Just Yoga?
I`m 56 of age, lost some weight too( about 40 pounds ) and started now kind of Olympic weight lifting (press overhead, deadlifts, bench press and cleans up – “starting strength” by Mark Rippetoe ) to improve my strength and finally hope to hit the ball longer. What do you think about it?
Kind regards
Helmut from Germany

Hi Shawn, I’m a new member. Great information I really like what I’ve seen so far. I’m an avid golfer 5 handicap 55 years young. As I’ve aged I’ve become a flipper. It stinks always picking the ball. I am a certified custom fitter for Titleist which enables me to use a Trackman. During this video while watching and swing all my shots are 10 yards right of target. I prefer a draw but would like to become more dimensional with ball flights. That’s another story. Why am I pulling or hooking the ball? Have I started in the wrong place? Where do you recommend I start in Columbus Ohio it’s cold here I have a very nice garage set up mirrors good Matt’s etc. I really see some great things in your method of teaching also admire your golfswing. Just need you guidance as to were to start program.
Thx. Tim Ford

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