Kinetic Chain – Part 1

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Shawn Clement, one of the top 20 youtube teachers and the only one recognized for teaching without body part or positions, drives the ball over 300 yards both right-handed and left-handed and breaks par from either side, and is also the only one who ever qualified and played world-ranked events with 1/2 left and 1/2 right-handed clubs in the same bag! He is the ultimate expert on golf instruction!

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Steve Hansenl

awesome stuff, simple instruction, love it👍

Gordon Luxford

Been following you for ages on Youtube & have now subscribed.

I am in the UK & play off 10 & I am 63 years old. Ive been practising the kinetic swing & realised my hips were rotating but much to slowly but i have now got them rotating quicker & with the strong grip I am amazed at how good the whip on the release has got & a big increase in club head speed. Thanks Shawn

Shawn Clement

Great stuff Gordon! Think about what task in our list of tasks that would encourage more speed in clearing the body; the one that comes to mind is the “deliver the grass peel (divot) into the direction you want to start the ball”
You will feel a nice use of ground and solid move to turn and clear the hips! 😀👍

Thanks Shawn. So…is the kinetic chain engaged before/after/during club levitation?

Shawn Clement

Hey Kirkland! Sorry I missed this one! That would be DURING the upward levitation of the arms club unit in the backswing; while the arms are floating up, the brain is getting ready to deliver the action throw towards the target!

Is there a way to download a video for viewing when I don’t have internet connection?

Ok great I will look forward to it!

Left foot. Thanks for your thoughts

I had been on cruise control for a month, not shooting over 80, but for the last 10 days Something is off. I seem to not be getting to my front foot efficiently. In thie video you talk about be ing aware of getting to the ground with Thr front foot without being conscious of it. This is what seem to be struggling with. I seem to need to be aware of it. I havre tried different tasks without any increased consistency. I have broken my 5th metatarsal 2 times on my left foot so perhaps I am protective of my left fo

I notice there is a lifting on your back swing and a squatting on the downswing and lifting at the follow through.which I get for the purpose of “grass” cutting. How do you quantify this in your swing–how much up, how much down? I’ve played golf 50 years-with 10 years of that range being unable to play due to non golf related back issues. I fight the classic over the top and sometimes fat the hell out of some shots way behind the ball. You can imagine that seeing additional vertical movement in the swing scares the crap out of me. Can you expand or tell me how you gauge the amount of vertical change (up-squatting-up) you incorporate in your swing? I know Hogan said there is about a 2 inch sit down motion on the downswing. My clubhead speed can get around 110-111 mph. I know I cannot judge 2 inches on a downswing

In this lesson you say a breakdown may occur in the arm sword unit. When my elbows point to my hips, I find that my right elbow bends early taking my arms and swing inside. My right elbow hugs my upper chest. However, when I take my grip and then point my left elbow to the target and my right elbow behind me, my right elbow bend is delayed until I reach the top of my background. At the top my elbow bends and set my wrists. Is this an appropriate fix? If not what would you suggest? BTW, great videos and great lessons!

Shawn, I went to the range to make a video. I also performed the “football drill” and what a difference. It didn’t matter which approach I used, I felt the elbow leading the way. I guess the what felt like being stuck inside was just by elbow be denied access to the target. It felt so good and I had so much fun, I forgot about making the video. 😊

Gordon Thomas

Shawn is it the arms that initiate the backswing and the torso responds by getting out of the way, or, is it the torso that initiates the movement and the arms follow? Same question for downswing.
I have a sneaking feeling that you may have already answered my question earlier. LOL.



Hi Shawn
Sorry I cant see where to leave a question which may not be directly related to a particular video Do we simply email your support?
Anyway, just to ask if there is any video where you go into detail on “the snap” to which you refer periodically?

I am hitting the ball better and more powerfully with these drills. One problem i am having is my ball is going on too low a trajectory on my longer irons even when the swing feels good the ball goes straight and i hit the sweet spot.

Asad Ali

Dear Shawn, during a swing, are we supposed to mainly generate power from our lower body and use the upper body to simply ‘get out of the way ‘? Or should we use the upper body to generate swing speed as well? I notice that I add considerable swing speed when I use the upper body, but lose the control. In the other hand, my ball goes straighter when I use the lower body only to generate power.


Thanks. Very helpful. I will focus on the task of cutting the bamboo stick and throwing the club in the direction of the target.

Raymond Kuo

I know we need to use pull for downswing, but I need to clarify the power source comes from lead hand or dominant hand? If dominant hand, it starts from hand or elbow?

Asad Ali

Loved this video. I feel I am hitting the ball at the right place when I imagine I need to cut the bamboo stick (ball) with the tip of my sword ie the club head. Otherwise my body was rotating too soon. Is that an okay mental model?

Jukka Kymalainen

I have done these drills and they are awesome 👍 When i did ball on string i noticed that there is up/down and supination/pronation movements. Golf is not a thinking proces, but can you feel these same movements in sword drill? If you can, what is the timing of these movements?

Just subscribed and this video is stalling. My iPad is handling YouTube video fine so wonder what is problem.
Will try another lesson

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