Wisdom in Golf 1.0 – Part 5

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Christian Prior

Shawn, your comments about finding a good teacher ring so true. My teacher that I had before lockdown insists on everyone always trying to play a draw and the way he gets you there is to look on trackman, show you that your path needs to be more to the right and then gets you to shorten your backswing and then manipulate your swing plane (using the Jim Furyk drill) so that you are artificially shallowing the club. He’s done this with me and I’ve overheard him doing this with many other students when practising on the range. I guess it does eliminate a slice…

I went to see him today because I had one more lesson in my pack and I was curious to see what he would say about my swing now I’ve been practising your stuff for a few range sessions. His Trackman said my 7 iron had a club head speed of between 91- 93 mph (!) and I was playing a nice fade (intentionally). He immediately said, let’s get you playing a draw and had me doing the same shallowing drills as I’d done before. Sure I was playing a draw pretty quickly, but my club head was down to 79-81 mph and I was often hitting the ground before the ball. He was really happy with the results 😂 – I kinda knew this would happen but wanted to go find out.
I was wondering, do you know any teachers in London (UK) or near to London that you would recommend/endorse?

Shawn Clement

Hi Christian! Near London no but I do have one a couple hours south; would need to get his coordinates out; we were posting our teachers in the description of our videos last year and it was taking up some room and I need to get them all up on the website soon;
Your teaching pro story sounds all too familiar…😝

Andy Sillars

What a revelation this Wisdom 1.0 series has been. I’m in my mid thirties and have played golf for a number of years getting to a 12 handicap. I’ve always felt Ive had the athletic ability to hit a ball far and well however it just never happened and have always been on the shorter side of shots against my peers.

After just 2 short sessions at the practice range following a couple of swing thoughts in this course I am seeing a ball flight that I have never had before.. and in a good way. More accurate, consistent and penetrating compared to my usual hopeful, inconsistent, and floaty fades.

Thanks a million. Now to remember to throw the club at a target on the course, and not look to hit the ball.

Shawn Clement

Awesome feedback there Andy, So glad you are enjoying the content! And this is just the beginning! 👍😀


That‘s a lot of wisdom. Love the interview at the end. I started late with golf – 7 years ago at the age of 44. Wasted a few years in the maze of Golf teaching – used up a few teachers (approx. 15) – some properly don‘t sleep well because of me – but found now my swing and can‘t wait to ingrain these new feelings after this @%€§ virus let us play golf again in Austria.


Hi Shawn, I would love to know what it was like when realized that your own swing had evolved to be totally automatic (in terms of being a WOG swing). It sounds corny but I need the inspiration. In my head, I know golf is not a game of perfect, but I hope to get to a point where I am like “wow, I can’t believe how much easier this game is now”.

Thanks for your help.


Shawn – Thank you. I have recently returned to golf after really giving up for the last 10 years. I’m so glad that one of the first things I have done upon my ‘return’ is to have found your teachings. It makes such a huge difference actually understanding what the heck is going on! I’m really left wondering what on earth all these ‘traditional’ teachers are doing, and am a bit mad at myself for listening to all that nonsense before, to the extent that I felt like I would never be able to succeed at even getting a moderate amount of consistency in my game. It’s just such a wonderful feeling to enjoy striking the ball through the ‘wisdom’, and I can’t wait to do that every opportunity I have now. You have restored my faith in myself and my love of the game. I can’t get enough of the video content, and I definitely want to find a way of coming up to Canada to learn from you in person. Thanks again!


Awesome interview! Thanks for sharing your wisdom!


Just finished Wisdom 1.0, where do you suggest going next?


I live in Florida, I play average 2 days a week Walking 9holes, and riding 9holes. I have real feel golf mat in garage, don’t hit many balls on it due space limitations, but I’m able to do feet together as well as all the other drills. I am getting ready to start Golfweek Am Tour for my third season in a couple of weeks, I’m currently a 10.3 handicap. really liked Wisdom 1.0 will be revisiting that series a lot Great stuff! Looking forward to seeing you at Melbourne, Florida in January!

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