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What is Wisdom in Golf

Shawn Clement, one of the top 20 youtube teachers and the only one recognized for teaching without body part or positions, drives the ball over 300 yards both right-handed and left-handed and breaks par from either side, and is also the only one who ever qualified and played world-ranked events with 1/2 left and 1/2 right-handed clubs in the same bag! He is the ultimate expert on golf instruction!

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Brian Humphrey

Hi Shawn – do you have any videos for hitting out of the rough? I’m having a very hard time hitting the ball first cleanly. I can see this drill helping and wanted to see if you have a specific video for the rough – thank you.

Shawn Clement

Hi Brian! Stay tuned for a huge upgrade coming soon to the members of this website where you will be able to search “hit out of the rough” and it will bring you immediately to the video and time stamp for the information. REVOLUTION IS COMING!! In the meantime, yes, we have the footage and it would be in the on course videos…

I recall you made a video where you used a few coins to hit through. Can you please point me to that video? Thank you….

Shawn Clement

Ooo, good question! See the “2 tee drill”-use the search box;
in about 45 days, you will have access to my videos on a new platform that you will be able to search “coins” and it will bring up the video at the exact place I talk about it! Stay tuned!!

When I throw the ACU towards the target should the 2 arms be like 1 unit with the forearms rotating through to a ping pong release? I ask this because sometimes my dominant right hand tries to hit at the last minute

Shawn Clement

Hey Joe! Sorry I missed this one! You are allowing the weight of the club release the arms and hands in the direction you want to send the ball; the best video to experience this release is the “snap release polish” video. Then see “target confirmation series” and “arc-blur unstoppable momentum series to apply properly. If you fell the need to use the right side, your grip is not strong enough or you are getting ahead of the ball because you are defaulting to the ball.

Forgot to mention that I am your follower, Michael from Singapore.

Hi Shawn,
Thank you for the slow motion video. Can you please explain how you generate club head speed. Which part of your body and how do you use it to generate club head speed? Thanks.

Shawn Clement

Hey Michael! Sorry I missed this one; don’t be shy to email me if I don’t answer within 48 hours as sometimes the email notifications to get to my in box. See the “club speed” and the “pumping up the swing” videos for this!

Hi, Shawn,
I was examining your SLO-MO clips through impact. Your release reminded me of what my first teacher worked on with me back 45 years ago as a teenager (My teacher – 76 years old at the time – actually paid the great Tommy Armour to watch him teach for 2 week straight back in the 1940’s, so obviously Armour was a major influence on my learning, and something over time I have learned to appreciate) Anyway, seeing your lead arm fold and turn while the right arm hugs the torso past impact is a move I have lost over the years and would like to get back. I see myself on video pulling the grip through impact with a very vertical shaft plane during the follow through. I can get away with it since I am still strong and 6’6″ tall, but a more slashing and circular move past the ball seems like something I should strive for in order to get back lost distance and more compression. My index is 6 but only because I still have a good enough short game to keep more scores within in reason. What do you think?
Your faithful follower, Ned

Shawn Clement

Hi Ned! Sorry I missed this one; I guess the emails from this video were just mot getting to my email box! See “lead hand release”, “trail hand release”. ‘Release fine tuning” and “snap release polish”
then see “turbo charge the lead hand release” and “turbo charge the trail hand release” then see “club speed” and “throwing the club” and “pumping up the swing”

Looks like your head does not move until you hit ball
Does the swing thought
See the ball leave make sense ?
Seems I make better contact

Hi Shawn
Question- I love your different swing thoughts. My problem is figuring out what to think about while over the ball. I go from dandelion to target to thru the ball, to splash water etc.
They all are great but I find myself continuing to change.

Thanks Shawn. The slow mo’s are great. Enables a very clear view of the hand action and release at and then through impact.

Russell Hogue

I think this might be the drill I need. Even with the driver, I get a ton of backspin. My current assumption is that I have too much of a descending blow…

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