Happy New Year, Shawn.

I just want to give you an update on my golfing progress, since it all began with you.
Your teaching has changed my golfing life. This past year I had several goals:

  1. To shoot my age or better several times (73)-turned 74 two weeks ago.
  2. To have a bogey free round.
  3. Break 70.

As of December 30th I had only achieved #1. Shot my age or below 10-12 times.

I have not had a bogey free round YET.

But yesterday the weather was great so I joined a group at local course and I broke 70 for the first time (69)
Shot 37 on the front 9 and was playing well with one birdie and 2 bogeys – one 3 putt.

The back nine I knew I was playing well so just tried to stay in the moment.

Going into #18 I needed to birdie. It was a short 337 yard par 4. I had to punch a 52 under some limbs to the green leaving me a 10 foot birdie
putt and drained it right in the center of the cup. I wasn’t sure of my score until my playing partners added it all up.

I want to thank you again for all you do for the golfing community. Keep up sharing the WISDOM.

Best wished,
David Sixt

Hi Shawn,

I just discovered your content yesterday and I’ve been spending a lot of time with it. I think the content is amazing and I’ve been hitting on quad and seeing fantastic results. I’m looking forward to continuing to practice with the throwing of club in mind. I’m getting my body out of the way like never before and I’m hitting my 7iron with up to 93mph club speed and 127 ball speed…i know i have more in me too. I absolutely love these new feels.

I have a question for you with regard to shaft and the weight of them. I’m currently playing the dynamic gold 105 s300…and I was curious to get your thoughts and input on weight…like…do most people swinging a 7 iron ~90mph seek more weight than 105? Do people that embrace this throwing concept typically prefer more weight to feel more of a pull down the line? Not sure if this matters, but I’m about 177lbs, and I’m very lean and I strength train.

I haven’t been out on the course yet with these new thoughts and feels, but I’ll be playing tomorrow and I can not wait to absolutely rip at it 🙂 I love how when I’m doing this on the quad I’m throwing darts at pins ~180 out…nice tight draws…its liberating.

I love the tip section of your website, its a great idea and a great way for people that leverage your videos (like me) to give back. I just sent you $50 via PayPal….thanks again for all of the great content!!

Please let me know your thoughts on shaft fitting…I’d really appreciate your insights!

Adam Lubenow

Doing the hammer drill with the left/lead hand helps me be feel and be more aware of the performance of the left side of the body and the left arm in the swing. The feeling of the swinging the weight of the arm/hammer unit with my left hand really turbocharges my release and promotes rotating into a full follow thru position with my chest facing the target and up onto the toes of my right foot. First tested it yesterday at the range and my clubhead speed and distance has really increased with more snap in my release and completing my swing follow thru. Pleasant surprise for a senior golfer like myself.

Dan Santucci

Shawn, I run a course on the Treasure Coast of Florida, would love to have you down to film some remotely! One of our pros is a big fan of the Manuel De La Torre methods too, which clearly you share the theory of. I’ve never hit the ball further than I have after diving deep into your site. Appreciate the content greatly!

Joseph De Palma

Hey Shawn

Just wanted to drop you a quick email. Played today with a friend and again committed to the Shawn Clement method of golf 🙂

From early in the round, the draw just wasn’t working. So I switched to a fade and was just bombing drives. A couple didn’t come back properly but still, I was carrying further than I am normally reaching overall. The key was your Backswing series that you did with a Doctor friend of yours and WAITING at the “top” or as you call it levitating. Finished with a nice birdie after driving a good 250 in the air, faded back to centre and left me 20 yds from the front of the green! As you would say “Awesome!”

Thanks!! I will continue to persevere with your method now. No more manipulation, no more putting the strings back on Pinocchio.

All the best

Hi Shawn,

Just had to share…I put your last Eagle exclusive instruction from this month to task, and after watching your latest YouTube video I decided to do some dedicated kinetic chain work and swing speed training. I’ve been doing kettlebell swings and Turkish getups for the last several weeks, part of Pavel Tsatouline’s “Simple and Sinister” kettlebell protocol which has really helped my ballistic movement and mobility. Today I decided to do a speed workout where I did a 3 round rotation and incorporated 10 KB swings then did 5 “sword slashes” each with both trail hand and lead hand with my swing caddie pro speed trainer. I worked up to 88mph setting for the slashes. I then hit 3 shots with my 5 iron (Sterling Iron single-length 36.5″) focusing on that feeling of slashing through to the target like when using the swing caddie. After 3 rounds of that the results were amazing. I was consistently carrying 220+ yds per the Voice Caddie SC300i monitor and over 95mph swing speed for the first time. Here’s my final effort:


After that effort I put both hands on the swing caddie and easily snapped 2 swings in a row with it set at 135mph…another first. I’ll send you video next month of my much improved “squat” for your analysis of my attempt to improve my kinetic chain sequencing. Hopefully by then I’ll be more consistent and even faster! I’m “heaving the arm-club unit into a fully turned and completed backswing” then just igniting the legs to throw the slash to target. Excited to take it to the course when the snow melts! I sure enjoy watching Sav and Mu. I absolutely love Sav’s strong grip which I’ve found works so well for me by completely taking my hands out of the equation and her smooth and effortless swing. Her athleticism and power amaze me! I am working hard to build the body strength to move more like Mu. I’m likewise amazed at his meteoric progress and effortless power. You all have such a good thing going. I so look forward to watching you and team bring the Wisdom every week!

All the best, Stay safe up there. Our prayers are with Canada during these unprecedented times.

Dave Pike