Putting – Green Reading & Aim

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What’s your take on ball position in putting. Between Phil Mickelson’s inside target side heel, under target side eye, or middle of stance?


Thanks. So in other words, let the full mass of the arms-hands-club pendulum be on it’s lowest point where gravitation takes it to rest, and place the ball right in front of it?

Shawn Clement

Yes, perfect, spot on!


Excellent video! I loose way to many strokes on the green. Looking forward to changing that. By the way… do you think that Aimpoint is a good idea? Don’t know a lot about it.


Shawn pole in or out? also should I aim for the hole or in front of it?



Been a while. I’ve been struggling with Right to Left putts and it’s really killing me in Tournaments. Developed a bit of the Yips with Right to Left putts in that I either Hit it too hard and miss it High or quit on the stroke and miss it Low. Been practicing and of course but decently during practice sessions but when the “tournament lights” are on it’s different story – and once I start missing R to L putts it’s corrosive. I then try and hit the ball to the side of the pin that won’t leave me a R to L putt. I’m going to try Charlie Wi’s “3 Ball Drill” to see if that will help me with “Seeing the ball go in the hole” as you describe in this video. Last year I was Looking at the Hole during R to L putts and that helped for a bit then had a couple of rounds where I Miss-Hit some putts and lost confidence with Looking at the Hole. Just purchased an Odyssey Arm Lock putter to see if that will help and still trying to get used to how it feels. IF you have any Good Drills please send them my way. Thanks from Colorado! — Jim


Hello Shawn,

I find that the weight distribution between my two feet affects the direction the putter travels in. Does this make sense? And any thoughts on how to approach that?



How long should I keep my head down after I putt. I always want too at the ball…..


Elio Orta

Hello Shawn, how are you?
I am having a hard time not manipulating the putting stroke, I just don’t feel the right line of the stroke, I usually feel it is always different and tend to “correct” it in the middle of the stroke, is there a reason? Maybe the putter is not the right for me as it is too light or something?
Also, my putting stance hurts my lower back, what do you recommend for a more relax putting stance?


Was out yesterday and consistently missed 4 ft putts. After watching this I realized I was manipulating my putting stroke and moving my putter but not my body after setup. Will try again today with these tips in mind.

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