Process – Part 3

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The problem I have to trying to ‘quiet the mind’ I have the task in mind then all of a sudden I’m focused on hinge at the top of backswing or letting the handle lead. I think I’m also physically moving my arms in downswing instead of allowing gravity to move them. Should I only be thinking about throwing my club at the picture in my mind???

Wow, I just became a member and I’m very impressed with the quality of the videos and love the two angle view. I have a problem with not dropping the right shoulder at the begging of the down swing. I’m going to keep watching this and really get this ingrained in my memory back and take that to the range in a few weeks if the dam snow ever get melted!!

Hey j67451, I may be wrong, but I think focusing on anything like your right shoulder means you are not letting the arm/club unit do what it does naturally. Just REALLY FEEL the weight of the arm/club unit swinging on your intended line without manipulation.

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