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Zyman marzuki

Hi Shawn,

My junior coach (20 years ago!) told me to engage my core when putting, says it makes you more stable. “Putt with your abs” were his words lol.

Do you subscribe to this? Or should I just be as loose and relaxed as possible and let momentum do it’s thing

Stuck at work today so this is a data collection day. Am I allowed to watch these great videos multiple times ? The idea is to permanently burn this data deep into my brain and purge all the garbage that I have accumulated over the years.

Shawn Clement

Just like the website says! Unlimited streaming! Embed away Mike!

Hi Shawn, I have been moving over to your putting style where I have the club more towards the lifeline of my hands and a far more vertical shaft so my arms can hang more freely – resulting in a much more flowing stroke without and forces being added by a more flat putter.

The question is, how far off can the lie angle be and still work. I played a ton of golf this weekend and my putter is 70º but far flatter than what I need. The good thing is the flat lie angle forces me to lift the heel off the ground and almost hover the putter, but The angled face is harder to strike on the sweet-spot since it is now higher off the ground.

It is a PXG putter with a PVD coating on the hosel – they will only allow 3º upright. I videoed my swing with a digital level and it should be more like 77º. In you opinion – would it be worth it to go to 73º over the 70º from a ball striking standpoint? I am going to go shorter as well, because I do not need the length if my arms and putter just hang from my shoulder (which is an awesome method).

Thanks. I am checking with a club maker to see if he thinks he could get more angle in it as well.

Thanks as always for the great advice

Hi Shawn – a couple questions on your putting setup. Do you try to keep your eyes directly over the back of the ball (to help with alignment/parallax)? And, your grip seems to halfway down the grip. I have been gripping at the bottom of the club (like all other clubs)… but just noticed that I am bending my elbow and standing a bit away from the ball, not over it. I am 6’4” tall. Maybe I need some adjustments (shrug). I am doing way too much three putting. Thoughts?

Thanks. So…. I think I get It…. balance and momentum are king when putting. So adjusting the point where one grips the club is the result of those two elements (balance and momentum, without manipulation)?

How a beginner will view series in step by step way ? Any path here ?

I have just ordered mine!
Anyway, just a question here Shawn if I may about the grip covered in one of your videos about weak/strong and how it works. Extremely helpful video which clarified a number of issues. Can’t wait to try adjusting my grip either!
My question is “ Is the grip for the driver equally strong as the one you demonstrate is applicable to the irons?”
Many thanks again for all your sterling work. It is a delight to pay for it-and I am a Scotsman!
Best regards Ian

HI Shawn,

I would love to see a video of your swing, FO and DTL in split screen while you are talking over that speaking about what you are feeling in the swing and what you are doing. I think it could be helpful! Cheers

I’m not sure where to leave this comment…so I’ll just drop it here. Shawn, I have watched countless videos you have made on YouTube. I love your instructions and analogies. With that being said, I decided to buy a premium membership at eagle level and thought I could not be happier…until I bought a grass whip. I am absolutely smashing the ball with a wonderful release towards the target after just 5 minutes swinging my grass whip. I know I took the long way, but here is my point, if you like Shawn’s method, and want really feel what he is talking about, I suggest you order a grass whip. I found mine on Amazon. Thank you, Shawn, for all of the great lessons, you have a member for life. Sincerely, Travis Palmer(no relation to the King)

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