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Hi Shawn
This lesson helps me to put in place the drills from last weeks.
Since I started t follow your lessons and advices my game has changed a lot (for better results!!).
I still have some problems:

  • to keep my balance
  • to find the goog rhythm or momentum (too fast too hard)

this last video is helpfull to slow down the machine but what could you advice to improve those points?

Un grand merci de France!!!

Hi Shawn, been working hard as prescribed but I want to check in on something I experienced to see if it is real. Turns out it is not the forearms that help feel the Arm/Club weight..seems to be the pressure from the floor that allows me to feel Arm/Club into and through the back swing. 

I found I can more easily feel the weight through the toss when I use the momentum of the transition of pressure to the trail foot to start the club toss into back swing. However, there is a distinct sequence, pressure toward inside of trail foot then movement of club into back swing being leveraged by the pressure in the inside heel of the trail foot. If it is not in that order then it I don’t feel the A/C as much probably because it is out of sync or manipulated by the upper body/arms. Is that a kinetic chain helping with the back swing toss? 

I know when throwing the club you talk about planting the foot to get the body out of the way then throwing the club with the legs. You say it in that order…what I did not realize is there is a sequence to it. Pressure move then club move off that pressure. I guess that’s how you throw a baseball, so it makes sense but wanted to confirm I’m on the right track. I think before I was trying sync the back swing toss with the pressure move and was not in tune with how the body wanted to me to react to the pressure and sequence things to activate the chain maybe? 

This synced idea might be piece of misinformation from baseball long ago. I was taught to stride toward the ball as you are swinging to hit the ball. I see now that would be terrible because you have no lead foot pressure/leverage from the ground to transfer into the ball. Explains why I had what I call “warning track” power. 

I hope I’m onto something and not chasing a wild hare. It upped my PW from about 107 to 120 yds when I did it right so I’m looking forward to trying it on longer clubs as well…if this is real. 

Thanks and keep up the good work. I really am enjoying the off season series thus far. It is good to see different swings from the 3 of you and how there are different ways to get to a similar place. Gives me hope!

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Mohanjit Singh

I am starting to get a lot of width with the diagnol stance which I have started to try out on the course which in turn helps me load much better and the throw also is very strain free because of better engagement of the KC. 👍🏻

Shawn – noticed Sav’s club face is facing sky at top of backswing, while yours is more parallel to target line. To get your CF position at top, I feel like I have to roll/twist my wrists during the hinge, which makes it difficult to square CF during release. When I hinge like Sav, I feel less moving parts, and I can focus simply on the throw, with confidence CF will release correctly.

Shawn Clement

Good stuff!! Stay with what Savy does; not many can release the club like me or Matt Wolfe; I have very limber wrists that hinge deeply and this is what you perceive as moving parts where I am letting gravity place my anatomy; this is what makes things powerful and efficient and consistent as the parts of my body don’t change. So if I let gravity place me all the time, by body reacts the same way all the time and this is what makes the whole ball of wax work! You don’t have ANY defective body parts. So remember that when you try to manufacture a roll of the wrists to match a PERCEIVED POSITION that you may INTERPRET that I perform! 😝😀👍

Jon R

Sav’s swing is starting to look ‘text book’. A smooth flowing motion. Full turn and extension on both ends. Fully stacked on the end. She has been paying attention! Nice lesson.

Shawn Clement

You see that too huh Jon!? This is why we are right where we need to be with the golf swing and the human machine; she and Mu are evolving under our very eyes and greatness is on the way! 😀👍

When you and Sav go to the top, it appears to me that as you start the downswing you both actually raise the arms slightly higher is this automatically happening with you being aware?

Shawn Clement

This is the kinetic chain kicking in! We are wired to do this big time! Like a baseball player at bat, and he or she commits to the pitch and as they step into it, the arms GO UP! 😀👍
see “backswing levitation” video for more on this.

This was a great series! #5 really helped me out of my recent quandary, which was…… ” trouble getting the club in the slot while maintaining leverage.” Maintaining leverage (for me) is “being able to whip the club.” Went to the range after watching #5 twice; to confirm that I interpreted the lesson correctly. Wow! Just pounding the ball! Effort 4 and velocity 8! Hit about half a dozen drivers and the last couple I amped it up. So much fun!
Thanks Shawn, Mu and Sav!

Shawn Clement

Man, that is awesome! So happy you got a great light bulb moment out of it, one of my students last night in my winter program got a very similar AHA moment as the awareness of RELAXED BALANCE at the top of the backswing and the awareness of potential for a sweet and easy throwing-whipping-releasing action to target was optimized, he could not believe how hard he had been working at it and you should have seen the RELIEF in his shrug after he felt that ball come off the club with a 1/10 in effort! 👌💪👍😂

Another good one guys – Savvy, that finish position is 🔥 🔥 🔥!

Shawn Clement

😀👍Thank you Jake!, so glad you are enjoying!

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