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What is Wisdom in Golf

Shawn Clement, one of the top 20 youtube teachers and the only one recognized for teaching without body part or positions, drives the ball over 300 yards both right-handed and left-handed and breaks par from either side, and is also the only one who ever qualified and played world-ranked events with 1/2 left and 1/2 right-handed clubs in the same bag! He is the ultimate expert on golf instruction!

He and his team will show you how to play to your full potential with our Online Golf Lessons Academy...

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Brian Loesch

Hey Shawn, great video. What is the key to your “awesome” pause at the top of your backswing? Every time I slow down my swing and try to pause, I seem to accelerate way too much on the downswing. I know you are someone that has millions of swings but is it simply pure reps or something else? Cheers, Brian

Shawn Clement

See the “using the weight in the swing-axe drill with Savy-
This comes completely naturally when you are not fighting with the instrument! 😝

Neil Edwards

Hi Shawn. When setting up for the draw you say line body to ‘target’ and close club face……. do you mean the actual target (ie the flag), or the target line for your arc (ie the intermediate point)?
Many thanks.

Sandy Chan

When you mentioned “you start feeling uncomfortable over a certain shot” – this is EXACTLY what happens to me. At my home course yesterday – hole 16 is a 430yard dogleg left to an elevated green and I can never ‘see’ how my drive is supposed to fly here.

I may be playing 3 or 4 over until i reach this hole – and it doesn’t matter how well I’m driving the ball on the first 15 holes – but when i get to this hole – my brain doesn’t work. It’s like it short circuits and i suddenly DON’T KNOW HOW to hit my driver.

Yesterday, I actually almost missed the ball!!

I really have a hard time understanding this concept.


Great stuff

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