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What is Wisdom in Golf

Shawn Clement, one of the top 20 youtube teachers and the only one recognized for teaching without body part or positions, drives the ball over 300 yards both right-handed and left-handed and breaks par from either side, and is also the only one who ever qualified and played world-ranked events with 1/2 left and 1/2 right-handed clubs in the same bag! He is the ultimate expert on golf instruction!

He and his team will show you how to play to your full potential with our Online Golf Lessons Academy...

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Rohit Ahluwalia

Shawn…this video and the one you posted recently on club face and grip relationship re youtube….finally made things clicked after a long period of struggle…….thanks for all you do

Shawn Clement

One of my favourite series!!👍😀

Anthony Pollen

Shawn, I have been out practising the legs together and one leg drill. However, even on these drills I hit fat. I think it is because after 35 years of hitting at the ball my brain does not want to let go. Can you direct me to videos that will help get through the ball. I have been throwing but still want to hit that darn ball.

Shawn Clement

If you have been throwing the club, (you must go out and actually do it!!) when you use the goldie locks from above the ball, then lower to top the ball then lower to THIN THE BALL.


THE FOCUS AND PREDICTION: If you throw the club through the arc blur to the right of the IP for a draw, you PREDICT that the sole of the club will graze the grass and therefore hit the ball thin.

When you flush them, you will realize you need to be like 40% of tour players who never ground their clubs at address! 👍😀

Anthony Pollen

I have been out throwing clubs many times. I have emailed you. Hope thats OK.

Thanks for another great drill to add to the repertoire along with the grass cutting/club throwing/hammering and – my favorite for teaching my 15 yr. old daughter – cutting through the bamboo!!!

Quick question if you have a moment – joining Wisdom in Golf has completely cured my over-the-top/early release swing and resulted in (mostly) solid contact and two-club length gains in distance. That said, my flight plan is slightly off and I can’t tell if my target confirmation isn’t matching my set up/club head, but I have a habit of “overcooking” my draw into a hook and ending up much further left than I planned. I’m also noticing more contact towards the toe of my irons (not so much with my woods or wedges).

I know I’ve watched you in sessions hit more of hook instead of a draw, and you’ll go back to the “out of the way” and “swing to the right” mindset to correct your swing. What am I missing when taking my target confirmation and then cutting the dandelion stem?

Thanks in advance!

Shawn Clement

Good stuff! So glad you and your daughter are enjoying some great golf moments together; really live hearing that!
as for the shot, the direction of the takeaway and top of backswing play a big role in this as well; see “how to match backswing to ball direction” which affects “rotational momentum in the release” and brush up on the “fade fine tuning” and “draw fine tuning” videos to strike a balance in your deliveries into your flight plans.

Really enjoyed this tid bit of how to connect the 2 chains. The utility of the walking drill makes so much sense now and has really helped smooth out the tempo. When I look at you at the 10 minute mark and you are starting a swing, it almost looks like you are pushing into your braced front side as a trigger to let your trail heel come up. I think I do something similar but the ball is not really compressing on the plant/throw toward the target. I guess the forward plant heave feels a little more glancing or not as firmly pressed as the back heave. I end up picking the ball off the turf instead of compressing it. If I add a little more squat/press on the front plant/heave I get off balance and over the front foot. I end up either pulling the ball if I hit it or thinning it. Does this make sense and if so, is there a way to make the forward plant heave end up with a little more compressed ball?

Rob Sillito

Great lesson and clarification on the task, Shawn! My brain was getting ready to go work on a plant/swing method until you pointed that out 😂🙃

indeed a great lesson shawn!

Frederick Chacon

Great lesson!!!

Shawn Clement

Thank you Fred! 😀👍

Eckhart Diestel

With all your experience and ‘nothing should be restricted’:

I would be interested to know how well can you can putt with a motion involving the legs ? In other words applying your principles of power generation to putting.

I think that the teaching says to avoid lower body motion. I have no good judgement on this, but it does not necessarily seem logical.


Shawn Clement

Please watch the “kinetic chain series” in the video on chipping! It is the same for long putts! 😀👍. Never try to restrict anything!!

Eckhart Diestel

Great answer, thank you. Eckhart

Brett Morris

Hi Shawn, having problems feeling the weight of the club. I am using Calaway apex cf19 with recoil f4 shafts standard grip, they feel extremely light to me. Could a heavier club help with this?

Last edited 1 year ago by Brett Morris
Shawn Clement

You will only feel the weight of the club as it releases you with G-force in the direction of the target; and you want to feel the weight of the “arms and club” as a unit as in the “using the weight in your swing, axe drill with Savy video

Eckhart Diestel

Hello Shawn,
I have the impression that the walking drill has a pretty steep plane. When you plan a fade it may become even steeper. I am a bit uncertain at the moment about the feel in the backswing levitation, more specifically the feel of the takeaway. I watched the ‘matching the backswing and the target’, and it is well explained – but still. Does the takeaway for the draw end up being an inside takeaway ?

Shawn Clement

They actually both have an inside takeaway; the fade less than draw as we are dealing with an arc. See “arc-blur unstoppable momentum series” and “blur of club”mas well as “how to match the backswing to ball direction” videos

I have great range sessions applying all that knowledge, flushing ball after ball, with both fades and draw, with all the clubs. But when I’m on the course I feel uncomfortable over the ball. No amount of goldielocks seems to make me more comfortable. It doesn’t end up in anything catastrophic, but I can see my distance reducing and my shot pattern being more blocky when I hit a draw, and more like straight pull when I hit a fade. I’m not quite through the ball. I need to find a way to bring all that work and confidence onto the course.

Shawn Clement

Hi Vincent! Check out “open the machine on the golf course” video!😀👍

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