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What is Wisdom in Golf

Shawn Clement, one of the top 20 youtube teachers and the only one recognized for teaching without body part or positions, drives the ball over 300 yards both right-handed and left-handed and breaks par from either side, and is also the only one who ever qualified and played world-ranked events with 1/2 left and 1/2 right-handed clubs in the same bag! He is the ultimate expert on golf instruction!

He and his team will show you how to play to your full potential with our Online Golf Lessons Academy...

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Shawn, being a 70 yr old senior how about taking a senior high handicapper and doing a Gc quad series. Would like to see videos of someone with my abilities. Thanks



Hey first can you send me one of those GC Quads, that looks fun? HaHa

Two, I have a strange “feeling” in my trail hand on the takeaway (I am left handed).
I feel like I am doing a curl with my left hand, which allows me to throw the club towards my target. If I do the hammer drill with my trail hand, this is a similar sensation.
So to be even clearer I feel like I am in Flexion with a little Radial Deviation.

Seems really backwards, but I am smacking the crap out of it and where I want it to go.
If I get a second, before winter destroys it, I will send a video.
Am I crazy?


Shawn, What was the key element in your swing that decreased the spin rate by 1000 rpm,,,,yielding a significant difference in distance for the same club head speed?

Neal Ward

Shawn, I want to video my swing and send it in to you. Do you have any suggestions on what to use? I cannot afford the new iphones or Samsungs but I could an older model. Would these be my best bet or is there something better. My understanding is you need at least 240 fps. to see the club face and path.

Neal Ward

I have a question on two videos you make.
Battering ram:

Arms falling:

In the battering ram one you seem to promote a sideways movement of the arms (That is the way my arms would go if I was using a battering ram). In the Arms falling you talk about the arms falling down into the chest (triceps crashing into chest). I was wondering which movement is for the arms? No question on the body just the arms.



Philip Johnson

Clubhead speed video: is the gravitational pull also another reference for width in the swing ? Will there be more snap in the release with more clubhead speed ?Hit my farthest drives today and wondering if I should be adding these feels to my “action to target “

Philip Johnson

My focus during those swing was just to feel more gravitation pull like you described in the video. I focused on that and feeling more pull towards the target on the release . My task would be to feel a strong pulling snap release club throw towards the target with my shape I’ve visualized .

Jason Marineau

Hi Shawn, Is it plausible that you would have to adjust how closed the face is at address as you move down through the bag to produce the same ball flight? I finally accepted that “heavy” feeling at the top that comes with the closed face at address and have been making some wonderful swings with the long irons. However, as my long irons have gotten better I have now had a couple of rounds where wedge shots from 100 yards in are consistently missing 15 – 25 yards left of my intended target. I feel like I’m trying to start the ball on my chosen path and yet its left, left, left. So I guess my question is, if it is working well for the long irons should the same relative amount of closed produce a similar ball flight for the shorter irons if you make the same swing?

Jason Marineau

Shawn, had the opportunity to get out this weekend and made sure to “Goldilocks” myself into my setups and sure enough the wedges were much better. Felt like my hands were much closer to my thighs with the wedges at setup but it definitely produced the desired results. Thank You!! I will keep working at it.


Hi Shawn, so I am confused with the grip – I use the logo to help me put my left hand on the club. If I wanted to continue to use the logo for my setup, would I need to adjust the grip to I put my hands on the club correctly with shutting down the face of the club?

Neal Ward

By tracking you mean keeping on plane? I found this video a while back that seems to have been helping and would like your opinion of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FH5r5_tROU

Is that what we should be working at?

N. W.

Neal Ward

Ok thanks


just wanna to say a big THANKS for all you do, been watching your vids and practicing all summer. played in a tourney this past weekend and shot 78-74 with 6 birdies over the weekend. birdied 18 sunday , 510yd par 5 with water in front and right , driver 3 hybrid to win the calcutta. you have transformed my game dude!!!

Sam DeDominicis

Shawn, I’m surprised you even needed your lie angles flattened as IIRC you’re fairly tall and swing upright. Do you think getting lie angles changed is a big difference maker as far as feeling the swing and confidence behind the ball? At 5’7″, maybe it’s time I get those checked out from my “off the rack” set.

Appreciate the content, thank you!

Michael Vinton

Hey Shawn……great video. I’m a 65 year old lefty 10 HC. I’ve always used a 10 finger grip. My fir ends all tell me that I need to change to interlocking. I will tend to hit my long irons with a fade but short irons stay straight. They tell me I’m not rolling my wrists due to the grip. I’m closing the face more per your videos and that helps a lot. Advice?

Jukka Kymalainen

Like you said Dustin Johnson is using very strong grip. He is also lifting his right heel at impact and many other tour players are doing that. You are more flat footed and and right heel stays on the ground. Is this anatomical thing or are they just using more body rotation? Can you experiment this somehow?

Jukka Kymalainen

Interesting that you can do it bothways. When i try more centered swing my right heel stays on the ground but im not finishing anymore… well more practice needed 😌

Jukka Kymalainen

I just watched Savannah 3D analysis. Cool stuff! I keep on working also 👍

Eric Beaulieu

Hi Shawn. No matter how hard I ‘m gripping down on the club (my lead hand goes numb from the effort), I still feel the club rubbing on my lead hand pad. Also, when performing that one hand swing acid test with my lead hand, my thumb briefly looses contact with the club at release. When swinging two handed, I always feel my trail hand just prying the club out of my lead hand at release. Could it be an indication that I need a bigger grip?

Eric Beaulieu

Thx for the reply. I think I’ve finally found the issue. I went back to grass cutting after reading your reply and my grass cutting is good. It’s when there is a ball in the way that there is an issue. I think My brain don’t thrust that the club face will square up in time. So my trail hand takes over and tries to guide it while my lead hand tries to cut grass. Problem is, my brain just doesn’t want to let go and see what happens; thus it will never learn to trust it. I do you get out of that loop?

Eric Beaulieu

Would you recommend that I take a weaker grip with my trail hand? So having my life line more on top of my thumb then on the side of it?

Jeremy Moody

Bingo…..as long as the ball is the primary target for the brain the blackout occurs and the swing trust is lost. Even practicing on the Randy etc maybe 50% to 75% momentum with arm club unit but on the course I found less than 10% of swings stayed in focus as the dominant right hand took over with the head tilting and dropping and then …..you know what!

Gordon Thomas

Hey Shawn around 1:40 mark you describe how the index fingers of each hand apply pressure to the grip in opposing directions. Have I understood you correctly? Could you kindly expand upon this in more detail

Also, you talk about the how pads of the trail hand fingers wrap around the grip. Is this true for the lead hand as well?


Kenneth Robie

Shawn do you find trail hand dominant players release the strong grip easier (quicker) or later in the swing??

Peter Crocitto

Thank you for sharing!

Peter C

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