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What is Wisdom in Golf

Shawn Clement, one of the top 20 youtube teachers and the only one recognized for teaching without body part or positions, drives the ball over 300 yards both right-handed and left-handed and breaks par from either side, and is also the only one who ever qualified and played world-ranked events with 1/2 left and 1/2 right-handed clubs in the same bag! He is the ultimate expert on golf instruction!

He and his team will show you how to play to your full potential with our Online Golf Lessons Academy...

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John Anagnost

Hey Shawn – second month in your premium program – SIMPLY AMAZING!

You know whats great about the slow motion at the end? It shows all the pieces you teach on and I can observe – the tilt at address, the amount of turn you have, the arms open at top, how steady your head is on the downswing and then the release of the wrists. I am learning a TON….will send in a video next week for us to review.

Flip Gentry

Shawn, do you pause at the top only for demonstration, or do you normally pause even when playing? What is the purpose of the pause?

Flip Gentry

So, the pause at the top is the completion of the heave? And then gravity begins the change of direction? Am I getting right?
Thanks for your response.


Based on this info, we should not think about tempo, such as 3;1 ratio, etc descending from there with irons.


OMG SC! I needed to see this video last week before my four days at Bandon Dunes. I played great the first two days by staying in the flow state then the snap hook tee shots appeared;. I even dropped kicked a couple a few. I could not figure out the cause and then you addressed it with this video ! In hindsight, I was getting quick and over exerting the downswing. I’m thinking about flow rhythm and the right elbow now. Is the correction also in the underarm football how ?


I keep hearing you say you are just a witness to the kinetic chain but I don’t think I’m there yet. I can easily do the lead hand/Trail hand drills with one hand. The slash the sword feeling with either hand is free and easy. It is when I put my hands together and try to get that same free/easy release where I think things break down. It feels like the hands are not working together correctly in that I don’t feel that release into my picture. I’ve reviewed the grip videos and I feel comfortable with them. I like the balanced re-hinge finish for target confirmation. It is just the release through the ball with both hands that I feel like I’m getting stuck. It is frustrating because know when doing other sports like baseball and tennis, the release for me is automatic whether I throw a ball or hit a ground stroke….but those are both one handed actions. Something happens when I put two hands together, it is just not as fluid or easy feeling and there is no zip to it. Any ideas?


Hi Shawn, it seems you are now routinely using diagnonal stance with the driver?


Do you have a schedule of your US visits for 2020 at this time?


I have same question. Shawn, is your 2020 schedule for US set yet?

Sandy Chan

Happy New Year Shawn!

Interesting how in the slo mos you can see the release happens the exact same way (how the hands release for the draw) – I’ve always had trouble ‘accepting’ that a release like that will still be able to fade the ball.

Also one thing I’ve taken from this video is when you said “and i wasn’t even trying” – which I take to mean you were swinging well within yourself or within your ‘3 of 10 level of effort’.

Good stuff!


How strong is your grip with driver now compared to the irons? What driver and shaft are you swinging?


ok thanks. looks like your grip is quite strong; as I said over at the recent Youtube video, I can’t seem to get a very strong grip to work with the driver or 3w yet. Perhaps it just requires more practice.


well I am just taking note of the difference between irons and woods because very few can outhit me with irons, but I am just average with the woods., I haven’t been able to use my iron grip and setup with the woods. Of course with driver it is also teed up and forward in the stance, that is one key difference. Perhaps I should move the ball back in the stance like with the irons. I have noticed that some tour players are playing the ball back, esp. John Rahm.

Mark Cohn

Shawn, been working on my driver plane. If I swing with a more upright plane, I feel that I can keep the ball from slicing or hooking much better than a flatter arc. That is, my misses are straighter. However, the release feels more complicated to achieve. That is, my grip and backswing have to match just right in order to get the proper release. Feels great once I get it…but it doesn’t come as naturally as a flatter arc. I’ve been trying out the extremes to see which I like better. A little Goldilocks if you will. Extreme upright, and then extreme flat. It’s really cool to play around with it. Then I try to find something right in the middle. Seem to get the best result in the middle. But it’s crazy how much the grip affects the release. It’s so crucial. I’m really trying to fine tune my prediction process because as we all know, we only get one shot at it on the course.

Mark Cohn

Yes, it does require some work. It certainly did for me. For me it was my left hand that wasn’t releasing and holding everything up. So before I swing I do a several sword slashes until I feel my left hand really snap over and release. Once I get that snap feeling, then I’m ready to hit balls. Then it’s just a matter of getting everything set up so that I can predict a good, free snap of the left hand. If my grip is off or my backswing plane is off I can “feel” it because I can predict that I cannot release my left hand through the ball. When everything is right, I can feel the snap before it happens. I encourage you to really over exaggerate it at first. Once you get it, you’ll realize that everything else just supports that release…grip, setup, distance to ball, swing arc plane. It’s all there to support the release through the ball to the target.

William Crowe

Happy New Year Shawn! Me and my golf buddy decided to try stack n tilt after a few bad rounds of Wisdom! WE ARE BACK! Just needed a refresher looksee! To make sure I stay with you I purchased a full year premium membership! You are stuck with me Buddy!😂😂😂


Hey happy new year!
On your release you really turn the club over (right hand over left)
Is this a concious effort or just happens naturally?

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